In a nutshell

Kids need satisfying answers, and we’re here to give them. We are on a rescue mission for 8-14 year olds, teaching them that God is real and wants to make Himself known and that the Bible and Jesus are trustworthy, infallible sources of truth. Check out the “Vision and Mission” and “Media” pages to learn more.

The Tech Tracker Lab

Here is the beginning of Harrison’s lab/workshop and future “Lair”

of the Tech Trackers.









Mathew Rimoldi helping me with the set.









This is the side wall where we placed old Flour Mill antiques.










Isn’t this amazing? A battery something or other….



Tech Tracker Lair?

We haven’t named it yet, but it will be very cool. This new set location we are working on is our character, Harrison’s, underground laboratory were he works on his inventions. It’s a place his grandfather, an eccentric collector, owns, but shares with Harrison. It is soon to become a regular hangout for the team […]


Help us reach our $30,000 goal by midnight tonight!

We still need $28,760 as of 5 am. Your support, is CRITICAL to keep our amazing script-writing team working on 30-minute TV programs designed to build and protect faith for 8 -14 year olds. We engage kids using their favorite way to receive information (media), and give them irrefutable reasons to believe the Bible and trust Jesus! Apologetics […]


Websites linked!

Our first website, now is live to the new domain! You can also get to the same site with, and and


New Website

I liked the look of the old website. It had a lot of “eye candy”. Cool, but cumbersome to update and add to. So here is the new website: No, I didn’t forget the “m” from com. Someone purchased tech before I created Techtrackers. They bought it and want to sell it for […]


Where we are

Today we are witnessing the convergence of two currents in history. 1. There is a growing army of individuals and organizations whose goal is to destroy Christianity and shape the world into a secular society. They are doing this through sophisticated and persuasive media indoctrination and “education” through TV, the Internet, and educational institutions. They […]


Christians and Science

If you are on the internet very much you will find a lot of people associate Christians as being anti-science. Historically, this notion is outrageous, because modern science was born out of a biblical worldview. It took a Christian mindset to propel scientific investigation in its early days. I suppose there have been some christians […]